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On these pages we aim to provide the keen or amateur gardener with the green fingered tips that have been passed down over generations, new environmental ideas, tips from the professionals, and good garden related services, all compiled as a free online reference guide of garden tips and advice.

As this section will never be fully complete, we welcome ideas, and tips from anyone, anywhere, who share our interest in gardens, garden design, gardening and landscaping. Please recommend these pages on to fellow gardeners.

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TIP 1: Help preserve water, and ease your water bill by connecting up barrels to gutter down pipes from structures like conservatories. This will help provide you with water for the garden during the dry summer months... and is easy access within easy reach of the garden.

TIP 2: Membrane and a mulch covering is an excellent way to keep weeds down in border areas.

TIP 3: For a great range of garden sheds visit our friends at York Timber Products where you can find all shapes and sizes of sheds.

TIP 4: When watering plants, always give them a really good drink. A short watering encourages the roots to develop closer to the surface of the soil, making the plant less tolerant to droughts and more unstable.

TIP 5: To help stop slugs... Fill a small tub with beer and place it next to the plants. Alternatively the container can be buried in the soil. That's if you really want to share your beer with the slugs! Well, i suppose its better than sharing your strawberries!

TIP 6: Stop your dog (bitches in particular!) from creating a moonscape of bare craters in your lawn by giving them tomatoes, or tomato juice daily within their diet, this is recognised to help neutralize the urine, making it less harsh for the lawn!

TIP 7: Grow your own veg! In these more environmentally savvy days what could be better than your own grown organic vegetables? Create a designated corner patch in your garden for vegetable growing, the kids will love it, and it will help educate them,and increase their awareness as they watch their own vegetables grow. If space is short you can scale down and produce a mini herb garden, even in a window box!

TIP 8: Build your own raised vegetable beds, using old builders/scaffolding planks, these strong timbers are ideal cut into four 1 metre lengths and screwed together at each corner, stain the outer face to make them blend better with your garden, fill with soil/compost/manure and away you go!